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May 20th, 2014

As of April-8-2-14 Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP. It’s a normal process for Operating System creators. Captain America 2 The Winter Soldier - Bucky BarnesIt would be impossible to keeping supporting every operating systems for ever. Inmagine how many problems Microsoft would have if they still supported Windoes 95. But, the good news is your computer can be upgraded to Windows 7. I would advise against Winodws Vista. So many problems with

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Captain America 2 Review Plus Video

Captain America 2 The Winter Soldier - Bucky BarnesSo how was Captain America 2? Before I go into what I think about it everybody that I asked that question told me the same thing; it was okay. It was actually better than I thought it would be. There’s a scene in the opening sequence when he actually throws the shield for the first time and it was kinda cheesy. At first I thought that was going to be the whole tone of the movie but, it quickly redeemed itself. And the action scenes are always good with any Marvel movie. The action was spot on the only small schism I can say about that was there were parts in a movie when he fought regular people and the movie made it a big deal. Its like Captain America if you’re supposed to be a genetically enhanced super soldier and I mean this isn’t like anything special you just beating up a $10 per hour mall cop, you should win. Thats like Pacquiao on steroids fighting Mayweather of course him would win. But the problem lies when out of a two hour movie you may only have 20 to 40 minutes of actual action. Now I understand you have to build a story and developed in order to justify the action, but that’s what I don’t like about Captain America. As far as the acting and store line goes its mediocre at best.  And I think Chris Evans has a lot to do with that. For the most part, the action, hits the nail on the head, he’s a good action star but as far as carrying a whole movie he can’t do it himself. It was painful to watch him for 2 hours. Now I’m glad Black Widow the beautiful Scarlett Johansson helped carry some of that load for him. And there where even some scenes when Samuel L Jackson took over some of the action rolls and it was great.  But, the scenes with Chris Evans not fighting almost ruin the movie for me. And I think the story line between Anthony Mackie and Chris Evans was pretty weak. You know this movie reminds me of when Eminem was at the height of his career. Everybody waited for years for the next Eminem CD come out. Then finally when Eminem told the world his next album would be under the D12 group everybody bought that album not because it was good but they couldn’t wait for the next Eminem song. Its the same thing with Captain America.  Captain America 2 is the D12 album and all the Marvel fans really want an Iron Man 4 or the Avengers 2. But remember when he actually suited up at Captain America it was great I give the movie 6.9 at 10.  I do think Captain America 2 was better than the first movie. What do you guys think about Captain America 2 let me know in the comments section below.

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New artist

December 23rd, 2013

BruceCorp Computers Client Agreement for Starter Websites.($199)

Yearly Renewal

iphone5_facebook-appStarter websites must be renewed yearly. A $45 per year renewal fee must be paid prior to your due date. A late fee of $25 may be charged after your due date. After customer is over 14 days over yearly renewal a $75 late fee may be added to your balance. After 30 days of non payment of website renewal fee we may cancel hosting on your website. We will be judge this on a case by case basis. All payments must be made in cash or through paypal. All paypal transactions will be charged tax rate of 10%. Cashier checks,money orders, or business checks are not accepted. All cash payments must be paid with in 1 mile of 95th and Western Ave, Chicago,IL at a public establishment of my choosing.


Starter websites includes 12 hours of total labor. We will be fair with this time limit and will gladly spend more time on your website if need be. We will make judgments on a case by case basis. Including but not limited to: website hosting management, website encoding,website updates,client phone calls,emails, spell checking,troubleshooting,domain renewing, flash errors, changes to website appearance, Bandwidth issues, Video playback issues, Widgets, Databases, Ad management. More time for total labor can be purchased for $50 for 5 additional hours. Extra time must be pre paid before any changes are made to the website. All balances must be paid in full before changes are made to the website.

Provide your own created website

You can provide HTML encoding for your total website. You can not provide part of a websites code. You must encode the whole website or nothing. For example you can’t provide code for two pages and the rest we encode. We will upload HTML files to your website domain at no cost. As long as your HTML is compatible with our servers. And as long as all of your fees are paid. We are not responsible for compatibly issues. Nor will we troubleshoot any compatibility issues dealing with your files. HTML, databases, encoding, will not be available to clients unless a fee of up to but not limited to $150 is provided. Then rights will be released.

Access to my Server

Since we host many websites, so for security reasons access will not be given to our server under any circumstances. We will not create sub logins to your website. We will not provide you with SSL,SQL,FTP access, IP addresses, or any other information about our server.

Text,Logos,Photos, Banners,Widgets, Movies, Links,Redirects, HTML

All media files must be emailed before website creation or 3 days after contract is signed. If you want to add media. Or change layout it will be considered updates to your website and charged accordingly. We will provide templates,HTML, stock images,coding to pictures, videos,banners,logos, and links, if they are not provided after 3 days of contract be signed. All text on your website must be emailed to us within 3 days of contract signing. Also check your Spam folder for updates and renewal information from us. We are not responsible if you do not receive an email from us and do not renew your website. Our email isgdrive_dropbox-285602-300x225

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What is a Cloud?

A cloud is the use of computer resources over a network.  Basically it’s a virtual flash drive.  So you can save things to alloted space on the Internet.

Why do I need a Cloud?

gdrive_dropbox-285602Let say you store all your files on a flash drive and if it gets lost or broken, then store you’re out of luck.  If those same documents are stored on a cloud you can access them from anywhere on the world on any device with an Internet connection.  It works with Mac,Windows, Linux, Iphone, Android, Blackberry almost any device you can think of.  This comes in handy if you have a work computer, tablet, and a home computer.  You can work on the same project without emailing it to yourself or carrying a flash drive with you.

Let’s say you have a business and you need to send files to your PR team, then accounting, and to end up with your graphic designer.  If you uploads these files to your Cloud all the different department (that you give permission to)  now have access to these files.  This is much easier than emailing the files and there is no size limit to the files you can send. (As long as you have the space on your cloud.)

What is DropBox?

Is Dropbox Free? And are there other Clouds?

There are other free clouds out there including Google drive, Ubuntu One, Box, Sugarsync, Yandex, S3 and Microsoft Skydrive.  Dropbox is the easiest  one to use and most widely acceptable with plenty of features, apps, and plugins.  Google drive is a close second with  fewer features but 5gb of free storage. and Google drive lets you use 25gb of cloud storage for only $2.5 per month.  Which is much cheaper than Dropbox and most servers on the Internet are Google server which mean the syns are the fastest.  But, in my experience Google drive is harder for the average person to figure out.

Dropbox gives you 2gb of storage for free.  If you want to upgrade to 100gb is unly $99 per year. And do I i did and refer people for free space each person you refer you get an exrta 500mb.  Click here to sign up

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CTA Red line construction will take five months

20130501_171822Starting on May-19-2013 the CTA Red line will stop service to 8 stations in order to do a much needed construction to the train tracks. The Red line will be completely closed from the 95th Street station to the Cermak-Chinatown station.  All the closed stops include:   95th Street/Dan Ryan, 87th Street, 79th Street, 69th Street, 63rd Street, Garfield, 47th Street, Sox 35th Street.  The Dan Ryan Red line branch opened in 1969 and the original tracks are still being used.  The track are over there lifespan are in need for a complete replacement.

CTA will give a 50 cent discount on bus rides along all bus routes south of 63rd and give free access to the trains at Cermak Chinatown.  And the shuttle bus will also be free from closed stations to Cermak Chinatown.  No schedule has bee release for the shuttles from the closed stations. This is my biggest problem I have with the reconstruction.  Will I have to wait 1 hour for this shuttle or 15 minutes?  And of course since the service will be free there will be a large number of people using the free service.  And the types of people that will be using the free service is what i’m worried about.  There should be security one every shuttle bus.  Homeless people may ride the shuttle just to be in air conditioning.

After the construction on the train tracks is completed,(in 5 months) travel time will be cut by 20 minutes.  And a lot less train delays will happen.  Also new elevators will be installed at Garfield, 63rd, and 87th Street stations in addition to add security cameras.   Adding camera and other security features is a good thing since this station was built when Richard Nixon was President.

At first look it seems that Chicago south side travelers will be greatly inconvenienced.  At least, CTA is providing free express bus shuttles from each of the closed stations to Cermak-Chinatown.  I also understand the fare increase too so the CTA con recover some of the $425 million it’s going to cost to make these changes.  But I need to know the schedule of the shuttles and will there be extra security on these shuttles?

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Iron Man 3 Review plus video

iron-man-3The wait is finally over I had to see Iron Man 3. I predicted Iron Man 3 would be the biggest movie of 2013, in my most anticipated movies of 2013 post and I just may be right. Before I go any further I want to do two things for someone to tell everybody there will be no spoilers in this review everything I’m talking about are already in trailers that you could see, so I’m assuming you already know. Now if you do want to hear some spoilers the video posted with this will have will have spoilers in it. And to answer everybody’s question yes Iron Man 3 is better than iron Man 2. I give Iron Man 3, 5 out of 5 stars perfect blend of action, comedy, romance and everything you need in a superhero movie. This movie starts where the Avengers left off and is really realistic. Even though Tony Stark is a genius Playboy billionaire with advanced technology he still reacts like a normal human would. He’s jealous, he scared, he wants revenge, and he even is suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome. That’s what separates this movie from Iron Man two every emotion he feels and every action that he does is warranted and justified, and I would have reacted the same way in most of these situations. Except giving out my home address to a terrorist, I wouldn’t do that. That’s really the only thing I don’t like about the movie, other than that, the movie was great.  The graphics were also cutting edge very realistic. I didn’t see it in 3d, eventually I will see the 3d but it wasn’t shot in 3d, it was converted to 3d so usually movies converted over don’t look as good. This movie hasn’t come out in the US yet but my prediction is it’s going to be the number one movie until Star Trek comes out and maybe even beat Star Trek for the number one movie. If you want an even more detailed review with a couple spoilers at the end click on the video and don’t forget to subscribe to and comment.


Kaliph Hassan Press Kit


Kaliph HassanKaliph Hassan is an up and coming comedian from Chicago,IL.  You have seen him on BET & Comedy Central. Kaliph has mastered over 300 impersonations including: Bernie Mac, Katt Williams, Jay-z, Denzel, DMX, George Bush,Washington, Sponge Bob,Donkey From the movie (Shrek) Eddie Murphy & the Klumps,President Obama and many more. He has modeled for companies such as Being Single Magazine and Apple Corp. He aims to please he will also travel nationwide even world wide for your event. Remember once you’re a client you’ll be very satisfied with his work ethic. He is never late for an event.  Kaliph Hassan is among the most talented in the industry. It would his pleasure to put his extensive experience to work for you.  Since his 1992 debut at “All Jokes Aside” a Comedy club in Chicago, Kaliph Hassan has brought laughter to crowds. Kaliph’s unique brand of comedy which combines jokes, and impersonations are enjoyed by young and old. As a comedian and a master impressionist Kaliph has performed at venues all over the United States. In 2006 Kaliph allowed his faith to be his guide and redeveloped his act and image to one that every person can embrace. Although adopting his new brand “No Cussin’ Comedy” wasn’t easy ,this new element of just clean comedic fun has helped to rekindle his love for comedy.  Audiences of all ages love clean jokes.  Kaliph is available to perform at your event rather it be at local schools, churches,colleges, sports camps or private parties. Kaliph has recently added vocal styling’s to his act. His female fans love his soulful ballads, smokey undertones and his charming. Kaliph has performed at The Improv in Schaumburg,IL, All Jokes Aside,Jokes and Notes and many other comedy clubs through out the country.  Click on his website below for booking information.















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When is the best day to Post on Ebay?

There is a myth going around the Internet.  Saying Sundays is the best day to have auctions ending of Ebay because, it’s the day with the highest traffic to the site.  Firstly, this myth was data so from 2004 and a lot has changed since then.  Ebay has cracked down on “fake bidding” when is when you or your buddy bids on an auction to drive the price up.  Ebay now only allows you to have one account.  And Ebay bought paypal which is ties you to your banking information, so you might be able to fake a new address at your grandmother’s house but a bank account….. that’s out of the question.  Also, if you bid on same Ebay user auctions too many times you’ll be block from placing a bid.

For me Friday seems like the best day for an auction to end.  So if you’re doing a 3-day auction it’s best to start on Tuesday and end on Friday, from 12pm -9pm est time.  Keep in mind I mostly sell Tech products and over the years these are the best results I’ve gotten.  But, do what I do; My own research.  Before I sell anything on Ebay I go the Ebay.com and check the “completed listings” box and I search for the auctions with the highest ending bids and I try to make my auctions be as close to that auction as possible.  If the auctions with the highest final bids for an Iphone 5, are all Jailbroken and have wooden cases that’s what’s more important than which day it ends.  Sometimes spending an extra $5 will get you $550 instead of $480.

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How to make $50,000 per year blogging and Social Media Management

Succeeding with social media is not a get rich quick scheme.  It takes time to be build an audience.  The best advice I can give you is to be consistent.  If you’re going to blog once a week do it every day on that same day and to be clear up front if you want to make $50,000 per year online, you have to blog a lot more than once a week and even more than once a day.  Also I would like to point out to takes about a year for any  Internet presence to catch on.  So the figures are after one full year of working 40 hours a week on your blog.  Also, let’s break down $5,000 to $961 per week which is a easier number to work with.

Treat it like a 9-5

I would say this step separates the boys from the men.  Or people that blog as a hobby and the ones that do it as a job.  Most, professional bloggers produce 15 articles a day.  Notice I didn’t say write 15 articles a day, I said produce.  Meaning Youtube, Blog Talk Radio,Writing articles for clients, and contributing to other blogs, and interacting with people on social media.  Posting to social media doesn’t count unless you post a topic and your social media community is interacting with you on a  post.  That’s also considered blogging in my book, you’re posting something and they are commenting.

Remember if your at a job, you can’t have the TV on,or be talking on the phone, and most importantly at the end of the day you have to present work that you accomplished.  Start out with 60 hours per week which breaks down to 20 hours of training and 40 hours of actually working on content.

Mange other people’s Blogs and  Social Media. 

This is a great way to see what works and what doesn’t and get paid at the same damn time.  The more you do something the better and faster you get at it.  Even if you have to mange customers social media (at first) for free.  It allows you to make connections with people outside of your circle, make money, and learn all at the same time.

Sell an actual product

If you blog about cars, you should sell them.  If you blog about architecture, you should sell real estate.  If you blog about tech new you should sell laptops. A blog is a tools that you can use to establish your self as an expert.  Once you’ve build trust with your readers, who better to sell them what they are looking for than you.  Ebooks are great and I sell them but, I mean an actual physical product you can ship to customers.  So instead of an Ebook get it published and sell a book and if you don’t have resources to publish a book, then make a DVD.

 Don’t just rely on one stream of income.

When most people think of income from a blog they think of Google Adsense or some kind of other ad revenue.  Don’t put all you eggs in one basket.  You will be surprise how little Google pays for ads.  Below is a quick break down into what your weekly blogging revenue should look like.

$225 for social media management( $150 per month manging 6 clients )

$400 Laptop sales(Or any product that you can sell for a profit)

$150 ebook sales(Sale 15 ebooks for $10 each)

$186 per week in Internet Ad revenue (At this point you have 2,000+ blog posts and website pages)

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Facebook did good updates with voice messages and VoIP calls

iphone5_facebook-appWatch out Skye and Google talk, Facebook will soon be in the VoIP business.  Right now Facebook is testing a new feature that lets users make a free Voice Call through the Messenger app.  Right now the Voice call VoIP feature is only available in Canada, but rumored to soon be in the United States.  Don’t worry my fellow Americans, On Thursday the Facebook app was updated for IOS and for Android so now you can send voice messages.  Users can now press the + button and hold the “record” button and send voice messages to users.

Facebook needed to do something with the updates recently done to Twitter and Google Plus.  Also the stock price is still below the initial public offering.  Facebook has an old feeling of been there done that.  Pinterest has a fresh feeling and I like to explore fresh things.  I’ve haven’t been active on Facebook for months now.  But this new feature sparked my interest so I updated my Facebook app on my Android and I can’t wait to test out the new voice chat feature.  Keep the updates coming Facebook and I just might become an active user again.

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